process timeline :

ONE . Calendar your wedding date!

As soon as the date is known, drop it in my calendar so I can hold your spot. 

TWO . Schedule YOUR DAY...

I will call or email to coordinate and calendar this at 8 to 10 weeks before your wedding.

THREE . It's YOUR DAY for gown alterations!

3 to 7 days before the wedding, we work together as your gown truly becomes yours.

A DETAILED Walk through...                            

  • ONE : Use the Bridal Booking Tool to calendar your wedding date - do this as early as you like!  An email confirmation will follow with detailed information (similar to what's below), and rest assured I'll be planning for you in my alterations schedule. 

    • I do ask a $50.00 deposit to reserve your wedding date and timeline in my calendar.  However, if plans change for any reason and you provide a minimum of 4 weeks advanced notice, I'm glad to refund the fee.  

    • Please Note : if you're not able to calendar your date, it likely means the schedule is full for your timeline. In that case, feel free to email or call to be sure.      

    • Please (also) Note : if you're considering custom additions or changes, please email a photo or two of you in your gown, and a few images of what you'd like to include.  This will help me get an idea of your vision, and any additional preparations, materials, and time we'll need to accommodate.   

  • TWO : Approximately 8 to 10 weeks prior to your wedding date, I will reach out via phone call or email to discuss any particularities and calendar YOUR DAY.  A remaining deposit of $145 is due with booking - this holds the date for alterations and covers your three, one hour consultation and fitting sessions. 

    • Please Note : Alteration fees will be determined at the first fitting and a total estimate provided at that time.  The deposit is non-refundable, as it blocks YOUR DAY for alterations services.  *Extenuating circumstances are of course considered fairly, and please be timely with any necessary change requests.               

  • THREE :  Get ready for an entire day set aside to enjoy and make your gown, truly YOURS!  Bring along those shoes and under-duds, and maybe Mom, a friend, or roll solo strong...                       

        This will be fun, and I'm excited to be part of your team!

the process : 3 fittings in 24 hours 


BippityBoppity! : It's your fit day! I'm ALL yours.                                

       This is the classic alterations process, just condensed. 

       We will meet at 9.00a on YOUR DAY, then again between 12 and          2p the same day for a follow-up refinement fit, and I'll have your          gown ready for pick up first thing the following morning.  

  • First Fitting : Hello! It's lovely to meet you and congratulations!!!  We'll meet at 9.00a on YOUR DAY, get you in the dress, start talking through and addressing fit issues, and take any measurements necessary for customization.​​

    • I will provide the estimate for alterations when we finish this first fitting - see pricing page for detailed information, here

    • Please remember, the paid deposits reserve your day for alterations and combine to cover your three in-person sessions : 1, gown fit and design consultation; 2, the secondary fit to verify progress; 3, and, the final fit with dressing practice and day-of pointers, along with your bustle lesson.  ​

  • Second Fitting : Once I have an idea what your gown requires, we'll schedule this meeting for early to mid-afternoon the same day.  All of the changes from the first fitting will be realized, and....scissors are always the last move. We will check the new fit for wearability and look, then refine to the end result.

  • Final Fitting : First thing the next morning...  All changes will have been finalized and your dress will be ready to go home.  I request that you do try on so that we can address any last minor details, little tacks, wandering threads... We'll also walk through your bustle and day-of instructions.


tips and tricks and words for the wise...

  • Shoes! We'll need those each time we meet to be sure your hem line falls and finishes in just the right place. 

  • The delicate things... Please plan to wear or bring any undergarments you're considering wearing under the dress : these also affect the fit, and I love to see just how so that I can respond accordingly. 


please remember :


  • Up in the front! Prior to fastening in for your ride, be sure to lift the front up and have it rest on your bust, not under!

  • Be sure to tuck those hanging ribbons into the front and/or under the bust line to keep in proper INVISIBLE position!

  • Use dryer sheets to capture and tame any linty tagalongs... 

  • Add a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil to deter tiny fliers from hanging around in your layers of tulle!

  • You're stunning, and it's time to ENJOY THESE MOMENTS!